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Am J Physiol. 1995 Dec;269(6 Pt 1):L873-83.

Activation of L-type Ca2+ channels after purinoceptor stimulation by ATP in an alveolar epithelial cell (L2).

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Department of Physiology, University of Innsbruck, Austria.


In the alveolar epithelium, ATP increases the intracellular Ca2+ concentration ([Ca2+]i) and stimulates the secretion of surfactant. We investigated the effects of extracellular ATP on the membrane potential (Vm), the whole cell current, and [Ca2+]i in a cloned rat alveolar epithelial cell line (L2). In microelectrode experiments, ATP caused a sustained depolarization of Vm, resulting from the activation of cation and Cl- conductances, as revealed by ion replacements. The depolarizing phase of the Vm shift was superimposed by Ca(2+)-dependent depolarizing spikes. Spikes were also induced by depolarizing Vm with charybdotoxin or maitotoxin. Replacement of bath Ca2+ with Ba2+ or Sr2+ also evoked repetitive spikes. Ca2+ (Ba2+, Sr2+)-induced spikes were unaffected by pretreatment with ionomycin or thapsigargin. They were, however, completely abolished by (+)-isradipine (100 nM) and stimulated by BAY K 8644 (100 nM). Whole cell L-type Ca2+ (Ba2+, Sr2+) currents were similarly abolished by (+)-isradipine and enhanced by BAY K 8644. L-type Ca2+ channels were further confirmed by demonstrating high-affinity dihydropyridine receptors stereoselectively labeled by (+)-[3H]-isradipine, apparent dissociation constant < 1 nM. In fura 2 experiments, ATP evoked a transient elevation of [Ca2+]i in the absence of Ca2+ and a biphasic sustained elevation in the presence of Ca2+, indicating intracellular Ca2+ release and Ca2+ entry. The ATP-induced fura 2 signals were unaffected by (+)-isradipine. We conclude that in L2 cells, L-type Ca2+ channels are activated after purinoceptor stimulation by ATP. The overall [Ca2+]i response is, however, mediated by Ca2+ entry through and (+)-isradipine-insensitive mechanism and by intracellular Ca2+ release.

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