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Mech Dev. 1995 Sep;53(1):23-34.

Involvement of Wnt-1 in the formation of the mes/metencephalic boundary.

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INSERM U106, Hopital de la Salpêtrière, Paris, France.


Wnt-1, a putative signaling molecule, is required before the 7 somite stage (E8.5) for the development of midbrain structures in the mouse. We show here that Wnt-1 is also needed for the formation of a boundary between the mesencephalic and metencephalic domains of the neural tube. In embryos homozygous for the Wnt-1sw allele, mesencephalic and metencephalic markers fail to segregate and the establishment of a straight limit of Otx-2 and Wnt-1 expression at the mid-hindbrain junction is impaired. In addition, as observed previously in heterotopic mes/metencephalic transplantation experiments in avian embryos, Wnt-1 expression is induced at the border of ectopic mes- and metencephalic islands observed in Wnt-1sw/sw mutants, suggesting that, in situ, interactions between mes- and metencephalic cells reinforce Wnt-1 expression at the boundary.

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