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FEBS Lett. 1995 Dec 27;377(3):383-9.

Molecular and functional characterization of a rat brain Kv beta 3 potassium channel subunit.

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Max-Planck-Gesellschaft z.Ed.W. c.V. AG Molecular und zelluläre, Biophysik, Jena, Germany.


A novel potassium channel beta-subunit (Kv beta 3) was cloned from rat brain being the third member of a Kv beta subunit gene family. It is a protein of 403 amino acid residues with a 68% amino acid sequence homology to Kv beta 1.1. Kv beta 3 is primarily expressed in rat brain having a distribution distinct to those of Kv beta 1.1 and Kv beta 2. This subunit also has a long N-terminal structure and induces inactivation in N-terminal deleted Kv1.4 but not in other members of the Kv1 channel family. Similarly to Kv beta 1.1, the Kv beta 3-induced inactivation is regulated by the intracellular redox potential.

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