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Oncogene. 1995 Dec 21;11(12):2509-14.

Stimulation of c-Jun activity by CBP: c-Jun residues Ser63/73 are required for CBP induced stimulation in vivo and CBP binding in vitro.

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Wellcome/CRC Institute, University of Cambridge, UK.


The CBP protein mediates PKA induced transcription by binding to the PKA phosphorylated activation domain of CREB. Here we show that CBP also stimulates the activity of both c-Jun and v-Jun in vivo. The CREB binding domain of CBP is sufficient to contact to c-Jun in vitro. When this domain of CBP is linked to the activation domain of VP16 and expressed in vivo it stimulates c-Jun dependent transcription. Deletion analysis of c-Jun indicate that the CBP binding site is within the N-terminal activation domain. Loss of binding to CBP in vitro correlates with severely reduced transactivation capacity in vivo. Mutation of Ser63/73 in c-Jun, or the corresponding position in v-Jun (Ser36/46) leads to reduced binding to CBP in vitro and abolishes augmentation of transcription in vivo. These data are consistent with a mechanism by which CBP acts as a co-activator protein for Jun dependent transcription by interacting with the Jun N-terminal activation domain.

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