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J Biol Chem. 1995 Dec 15;270(50):29781-7.

Functional association between the human myeloid immunoglobulin A Fc receptor (CD89) and FcR gamma chain. Molecular basis for CD89/FcR gamma chain association.

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  • 1Department of Immunology, University Hospital Utrecht, The Netherlands.


FcR gamma chain has previously been shown to interact with the TCR-CD3 complex, the IgE Fc receptor I (Fc epsilon RI), and the class I and IIIA IgG receptors (Fc gamma RI and Fc gamma RIIIa). Here, we demonstrate that the Fc receptor gamma chain associates with Fc alpha R in transfected IIA1.6 B lymphocytes. Fc alpha R could be expressed at the surface of IIA1.6 B cells by itself, but was devoid of signaling capacity. Upon co-expression of FcR gamma chain, a physical interaction with Fc alpha R could be demonstrated. This association proved crucial for the triggering of both proximal (intracellular calcium increase and tyrosine phosphorylation), as well as distal (IL-2 release), signal transduction responses. We next tested the hypothesis that a positively charged arginine residue (Arg209) within the transmembrane domain of Fc alpha R promotes association with FcR gamma chain. We therefore constructed Fc alpha R molecules where Arg209 was mutated to either a positively charged histidine, a negatively charged aspartic acid, or an uncharged leucine. A functional association between Fc alpha R and FcR gamma chain was observed only with a positively charged residue (Arg209 or His209) present within the Fc alpha R transmembrane domain. These data show that transmembrane signal transduction by the Fc alpha R is mediated via FcR gamma chain, and that Fc alpha R requires a positively charged residue within the transmembrane domain to promote functional association.

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