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Yeast. 1993 Apr;9(4):315-30.

Phylogenetic study of ribosomal DNA of cactophilic Pichia species by restriction mapping.

Author information

Department of Plant Sciences, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada.


The rDNAs of strains of the cactophilic Pichia species P. amethionina, P. antillensis, P. barkeri, P. cactophila, P. caribaea, P. deserticola, P. heedii, P. kluyveri, P. norvegenesis, P. opuntiae, P. pseudocactophila, P. thermotolerans and their varieties and anamorphs were mapped with 15 restriction endonucleases, and compared to P. membranaefaciens and P. salictaria as possible non-cactophilic relatives. The existence of species complexes among those taxa was confirmed. P. membranaefaciens was a plausible ancestral species, and its closest relative in the cactophilic group was P. deserticola. These two species appeared to be moderately related to P. heedii and to P. barkeri, but the latter was shown clearly to belong to the P. kluyveri complex, in spite of a 6 mol% G+C difference in their nuclear DNAs. P. cactophila and P. pseudocactophila ostensibly emerged from P. norvegensis, a facultatively cactophilic yeast. The P. amethionina, P. cactophila and P. opuntiae species complexes appeared independent from one another and from all other species studied. P. salictaria did not appear to be related to P. amethionina.

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