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Mol Gen Mikrobiol Virusol. 1993 Jan-Feb;(1):24-7.

[Synthesis, cloning, and determination of the primary structure of a full-length DNA copy of the gene for influenza A/Alma-Ata/1417/84 virus (H1N1-serovariant HSW1N1) hemagglutinin].

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The full-length copy of the hemagglutinin gene RNA of the influenza virus A/Alma Ata/1417/84 (Hsw1 N1-serovariant) has been synthesized and cloned on Escherichia coli plasmid pBR327. The complete nucleotide sequence of the cloned DNA copy was determined by the Maxam-Gilbert procedure. The predicted amino acid, sequence of HA1 hemagglutinin subunit was compared with the sequences of HA1 subunits from other H1N1-subtype influenza virus strains. It has been found that the structure of the HA1-subunit of the studied strain is most similar to the structure of the identical region of the A/New Jersey/18/76 hemagglutinin.

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