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Mol Gen Genet. 1993 May;239(1-2):66-71.

The fdx gene encoding the [2Fe--2S] ferredoxin of Halobacterium salinarium (H. halobium).

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Max-Planck-Institut für Biochemie, Martinsried, Germany.


The gene encoding the [2Fe--2S] ferredoxin (fdx gene) was isolated from Halobacterium salinarium using two oligonucleotides deduced from the ferredoxin sequence as probes. Cosmid DNAs exhibiting hybridization were isolated, the fdx gene was localized to smaller subfragments and the nucleotide sequence determined. The 390 bp coding sequence is located in the halobacterial FI-DNA and transcribed as a 440 nucleotide mRNA. S1 mapping indicated that the 5' terminus of the mRNA maps immediately upstream of the ATG start codon. The promoter box A, centred around position -25 (5' AC-TATG 3'), and box B (TG) elements at the start of the transcript resemble the sequences of a typical archaeal promoter. The restriction pattern of an approximately 50 kb region surrounding the fdx gene is conserved in various Halobacterium species. The halobacterial ferredoxin and the major gas vesicle protein GvpA exhibit up to 70% similarity to their respective counterparts in cyanobacteria suggesting lateral gene transfer between the organisms. These similarities prompted a more detailed investigation of the relative positions of the genes in the halobacterial genome.

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