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Am J Pathol. 1993 May;142(5):1654-67.

Comparative immunochemistry and ontogeny of two closely related coated pit proteins. The 280-kd target of teratogenic antibodies and the 330-kd target of nephritogenic antibodies.

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INSERM U64, Hôpital Tenon, Paris, France.


We have previously shown that monoclonal antibodies specific for a 280-kd protein (gp280) concentrated within the coated pits of renal and yolk sac brush border-induced fetal malformations, whereas antibodies specific for gp330, another coated pit protein with a similar distribution, had no deleterious effect on embryonic development. In this study, we show that gp280 and gp330 are closely related proteins, as indicated by: 1) similarities in peptide maps obtained after cyanogen bromide cleavage, 2) immunological cross-reactivity related to a minor contingent of antibodies that do not have teratogenic activity, and 3) asynchronous but related expressions during ontogenesis. During the early stages of development, the expression of the two glycoproteins was limited to (gp330) or predominant in (gp280) the clathrin-coated pits and intermicrovillar areas. In the pre-implantation embryo, gp330 was expressed by trophectodermal cells, which became negative in day-6 embryos trapped in endometrial infoldings. At this stage, gp280 and gp330 were both simultaneously detectable at the apical pole of the first entoblastic cells and remained expressed by the brush border of visceral yolk sac epithelial cells until the end of pregnancy. In addition, gp330 was expressed by amniotic cells and neurectodermal structures. During nephrogenesis, in contrast, the expression of gp280 and gp330 by the intermicrovillar areas of the proximal tubule cell was the result of a complex maturation process. gp280 and gp330 were diffusely distributed in S-shaped bodies in the presumptive areas of the glomerulus, proximal tubule, and distal tubule (gp330). During development of the nephron, the pattern of expression became progressively restricted to the proximal tubule and glomerulus (gp330), and selective localization in the intermicrovillar areas was only achieved in filtrating nephrons.

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