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J Biol Chem. 1993 May 15;268(14):10303-11.

Identification and cloning of GP-3 from rat pancreatic acinar zymogen granules as a glycosylated membrane-associated lipase.

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Department of Physiology, University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor 48109-0622.


The protein components of highly purified secretory granule membranes and the granule contents from rat exocrine pancreas were characterized by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, protein staining, lectin absorption, and Western blotting with anti-secretory protein antibodies. NH2-terminal amino acid sequence was obtained for a approximately 53-kDa glycoprotein denoted GP-3, present only in granule membrane preparations where it was resistant to washing with Na2CO3 and KBr. The sequence of this protein showed homology to pancreatic lipase but was distinct from the NH2-terminal sequence of a 50-kDa content protein presumed to be secretory lipase. Polymerase chain reaction amplification with degenerate oligonucleotide primers to GP-3 and secretory lipase gave partial length subclones that were used to isolate clones from a rat pancreas cDNA library. Dideoxy sequencing of full-length subclones of GP-3 revealed the predicted amino acid sequence for a mature protein of 452 amino acids with a potential N-linked glycosylation site and a deglycosylated molecular weight of 50,860. The GP-3 sequence possesses the serine esterase consensus sequence G-X-S-X-G centered around Ser154 and the catalytic state triad Asp178-His265-Ser154 characteristic of pancreatic lipases. Northern blot analysis of various rat tissues showed GP-3 expression solely in pancreas. Comparison of GP-3 nucleotide and amino acid sequence, along with pancreatic lipases of various species including rat, shows extensive homologies to both proteins and reveals an underlying diversity in the pancreatic lipase family. Close homology is observed between GP-3 and a lipase molecule previously isolated from mouse cytotoxic T cells.

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