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Nature. 1993 May 6;363(6424):85-8.

Guanine-nucleotide-releasing factor hSos1 binds to Grb2 and links receptor tyrosine kinases to Ras signalling.

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New York University Medical Center, Department of Pharmacology, New York 10016.


Many of the actions of receptor tyrosine kinases are mediated by the protein Ras, including the activation of various downstream serine/threonine kinases and the stimulation of growth and differentiation. The human protein Grb2 binds to ligand-activated growth factor receptors and downstream effector proteins through its Src-homology (SH) domains SH2 and SH3, respectively, and like its homologue from Caenorhabditis elegans, Sem-5, apparently forms part of a highly conserved pathway by which these receptors can control Ras activity. Here we show that the SH3 domains of Grb2 bind to the carboxy-terminal part of hSos1, the human homologue of the Drosophila guanine-nucleotide-releasing factor for Ras, which is essential for control of Ras activity by epidermal growth factor receptor and sevenless. Moreover, a synthetic 10-amino-acid peptide containing the sequence PPVPPR specifically blocks the interaction. These results indicate that the Grb2/hSos1 complex couples activated EGF receptor to Ras signalling.

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