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Gene. 1993 Feb 14;124(1):115-20.

Isolation of a yeast essential gene, COF1, that encodes a homologue of mammalian cofilin, a low-M(r) actin-binding and depolymerizing protein.

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Department of Cell Biology, Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Science, Japan.


We have cloned a Saccharomyces cerevisiae gene (COF1) encoding a low-M(r) actin-binding protein of 143 amino acid (aa) residues (yeast cofilin; Cof); its aa sequence is 35% identical to porcine Cof. The yeast recombinant Cof produced in Escherichia coli exhibited in vitro activities on actin filaments similar to those of mammalian and avian Cof. Gene disruption and tetrad analysis showed that gene COF1 is essential for yeast cell growth. Expression of the cDNA of porcine Cof or destrin (Des), the latter a Cof-related protein, complemented the cof1 null allele in yeast cells.

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