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Biophys J. 1993 Jan;64(1):223-39.

Fluorescence signals from the Mg2+/Ca2+ indicator furaptra in frog skeletal muscle fibers.

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Department of Physiology, Jikei University School of Medicine, Tokyo, Japan.


The fluorescent Mg2+/Ca2+ indicator, furaptra, was injected into single frog skeletal muscle fibers, and the indicator's fluorescence signals were measured and analyzed with particular interest in the free Mg2+ concentration ([Mg2+]) in resting muscle. Based on the fluorescence excitation spectrum of furaptra, the calibrated myoplasmic [Mg2+] level averaged 0.54 mM, if the value of dissociation constant (KD) for Mg2+ obtained in vitro (5.5 mM) was used. However, if the indicator reacts with Mg2+ with a two-fold larger KD in myoplasm, as previously suggested for the furaptra-Ca2+ reaction (M. Konishi, S. Hollingworth, A.B. Harkins, S.M. Baylor. 1991. J. Gen. Physiol. 97:271-301), the calculated [Mg2+] would average 1.1 mM. Thus, the value 1.1 mM probably represents the best estimate from furaptra of [Mg2+] in resting muscle fibers. Extracellular perfusion of muscle fibers with high Mg2+ concentration solution or low Na+ concentration solution did not cause any detectable changes in the [Mg2+]-related furaptra fluorescence within 4 min. The results suggest that the myoplasmic [Mg2+] is highly regulated near the resting level of 1 mM, and that changes only occur with a very slow time course.

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