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Mol Microbiol. 1993 Aug;9(3):613-21.

Transcription at different salinities of Haloferax mediterranei sequences adjacent to partially modified PstI sites.

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Departamento de Genética Molecular y Microbiología, Universidad de Alicante, Spain.


Two genomic sequences from the halophilic archaeon Haloferax mediterranei, where we had found PstI restriction-pattern modifications depending on the salinity of the growth medium, have been studied. A markedly salt-dependent differential expression has been detected in the nearby regions. Two of the open reading frames characterized correspond to two of the differentially expressed transcripts. In both cases the PstI sites were included in purine-pyrimidine alternancies suggestive of Z-DNA structures and located in non-coding regions with frequent repetitive motifs. A long alternating adenine-thymine tract also appears in the upstream regions of one of these open reading frames. A possible role of local DNA configuration in osmoregulation in this organism is discussed.

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