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J Virol. 1993 Nov;67(11):6733-6.

Definition of a domain of GLVR1 which is necessary for infection by gibbon ape leukemia virus and which is highly polymorphic between species.

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Molecular Biology Research Section, Lederle Laboratories, American Cyanamid Company, Pearl River, New York 10965.


Expression of human GLVR1 in mouse cells confers susceptibility to infection by gibbon ape leukemia virus (GALV), while the normally expressed mouse Glvr-1 does not. Since human and murine GLVR1 proteins differ at 64 positions in their sequences, some of the residues differing between the two proteins are critical for infection. To identify these, a series of hybrids and in vitro-constructed mutants were tested for the ability to confer susceptibility to infection. The results indicated that human GLVR1 residues 550 to 551, located in a cluster of seven of the sites that differ between the human and mouse proteins, are the only residues differing between the two which must be in the human protein form to allow infection. Sequencing of a portion of GLVR1 from the rat (which is infectible) confirmed the importance of this cluster in that it contained the only notable differences between the rat and mouse proteins. This region, which also differs substantially between the rat and the human proteins, therefore exhibits a pronounced tendency for polymorphism.

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