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Cell. 1993 Oct 8;75(1):13-23.

Brain myosin-V is a two-headed unconventional myosin with motor activity.

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Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut 06511.


Chicken myosin-V is a member of a recently recognized class of myosins distinct from both the myosins-I and the myosins-II. We report here the purification, electron microscopic visualization, and motor properties of a protein of this class. Myosin-V molecules consist of two heads attached to an approximately 30 nm stalk that ends in a globular region of unknown function. Myosin-V binds to and decorates F-actin, has actin-activated magnesium-ATPase activity, and is a barbed-end-directed motor capable of moving actin filaments at rates of up to 400 nm/s. Myosin-V does not form filaments. Each myosin-V heavy chain is associated with approximately four calmodulin light chains as well as two less abundant proteins of 23 and 17 kd.

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