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Endocrinology. 1993 Sep;133(3):1239-46.

Localization of oxytocin receptor messenger ribonucleic acid in the rat brain.

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Department of Neuroanatomy, Biomedical Research Center, Osaka, Japan.


The expression of oxytocin receptor (OT-R) mRNA in the rat central nervous system was examined by in situ hybridization histochemistry using cRNA probe. Wide distribution of cells expressing OT-R mRNA was observed not only in the hypothalamus, but also in other regions. There were high levels of OT-R mRNA in the anterior olfactory nuclei, tenia tecta, olfactory tubercle, rostral most region of the frontal cortex, piriform cortex, layers 2 and 3 of the neocortex, bed nucleus of the stria terminalis, anterior medial preoptic nucleus (AV3V region), magnocellular preoptic nucleus, supraoptic nucleus, paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus, retrochiasmatic nucleus, ventromedial hypothalamic nucleus, paraventricular thalamic nucleus, central amygdaloid nucleus, medial amygdaloid nucleus, posterior cortical amygdaloid nucleus, amygdalohippocampal area, subiculum, prepositus hypoglossal nucleus, and dorsal motor nucleus of vagus. In most regions of the brain, our findings concurred with those obtained by receptor binding autoradiography using a ligand specific to OT. However, in the inferior olive nucleus, OT-R mRNA was not detected despite an abundance of binding sites showed by receptor binding autography. Despite this discrepancy OT appears to have central nervous system functions in addition to its hormonal functions.

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