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Cytogenet Cell Genet. 1979;23(1-2):90-4.

Reassessment of presumed Y/22 and Y/15 translocations in man using a new technique.


A new chromosome banding technique, distamycin A plus DAPI, has been used to reexamine cases of presumed Y/autosome translocations. In contrast with the results obtained with quinacrine fluorescence (Q-banding), the satellites of acrocentric chromosomes do not fluoresce brightly with this new (DA-DAPI) method, making it more specific for the long arm of the Y chromosome. Previous cases with intensely Q-fluorescent and abnormally long short arms on a chromosome 22 were considered as presumptive 22/Y translocations: The new technique clearly shows that, in these cases, the additional material on 22p is not derived from Yq. In contrast, in other cases the Yq nature of additional material on 15p, in conjunction with the presence of an extra Y-body in interphase nuclei and the presence of a male-specific DNA, supports the previous diagnosis of a presumptive 15/Y translocation.

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