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J Lab Clin Med. 1977 Mar;89(3):645-52.

Radioimmunoassay for serum transcobalamin II.


A radioimmune assay for transcobalamin II (TC II) was devised from the following: (1) TC II-57Co B12 precipitated from normal serum with (NH4)2SO4 as the labeled ligand; (2) the TC II of whole serum as the standard source of TC II; (3) rabbit anti-pure TC II as the binding agent; (4) separation of the bound and free TC II-B12 by precipitation of the antibody bound with polyethylene glycol. The assay was responsive to either TC II or TC II-B12 and to TC II either pure or in crude preparations. It was not responsive to R-type binders of B12. The median TC II of 10 normal sera was 890 pg. per milliliter and of 10 sera from 10 random hospital patients was 1,010 pg. per milliliter. There was no measurable TC II in the serum of a child with congenital absence of TC II and the assay measured levels greater than 5,000 pg. per milliliter in abnormalities of TC II metabolism.

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