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Curr Opin Genet Dev. 1993 Feb;3(1):11-8.

Oncogenic activation of cyclin A.

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CHU, Necker, Paris, France.


Cyclin A associates with both the p34 cdc2 and p33 cdk2 kinases and is involved at two major check-points (G1-S and G2-M) of the cell cycle. The cyclin has been identified in multimeric protein complexes that incorporate the E2F transcription factor, the p33 cdk2 kinase, and p107, which is related to the retinoblastoma protein. Therefore, cyclin A provides a link between studies on the cell-cycle machinery and those aiming to elucidate the modulation of cell proliferation and regulation of gene expression by oncogenes and growth-suppressor proteins. The modification of cyclin A expression in a human liver cancer by the insertion of hepatitis B viral DNA into the cyclin A gene, and binding of cyclin A to the oncogenic E1A viral protein in adenovirus-infected cells suggest that the cyclin is implicated in human carcinogenesis. In addition, cyclin A might also be considered as a marker for tumor-cell proliferation in oncology. With these views in mind, it is now important to extend these observations to other types of cancer.

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