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Cell. 1977 Jan;10(1):67-78.

A cytoskeletal structure with associated polyribosomes obtained from HeLa cells.


A method is described by which HeLa cells can be fractionated to reveal a skeletal-like structure in the cytoplasm. This cytoskeleton has many of the cell's ultrastructural features, such as 100A filaments, microfilaments, centrioles, and microspikes, although most of the cellular protein, membranes, and microtubules have been extracted. Associated with the cytoskeleton are most of the polysomal, but not the monomeric, ribosomes. These polysomes are distributed throughout the cytoskeleton except in the region of the 100A filaments, which resembles the distribution in intact cells. Degradation of mRNA with low levels of ribonuclease releases most ribosomes from the cytoskeleton. Prior disaggregation of polyribosomes in vivo releases ribosomes but not mRNA. Cytochalasin B administered in vivo releases the mRNA from the cytoskeleton. These results suggest an attachment of polyribosomes to the cytoskeleton via mRNA.

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