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Nat Genet. 1993 Jun;4(2):206-10.

Microsatellite mapping of a gene affecting horn development in Bos taurus.

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Genmark Inc, Salt Lake City, Utah 84108.


The presence or absence of horns in Bos taurus is thought to be under the genetic control of the autosomal polled locus, characterized by two alleles: P dominant over p, and causing the polled or hornless phenotype. We have demonstrated genetic linkage between the polled locus and two microsatellite markers, GMPOLL-1 and GMPOLL-2, and have assigned the corresponding linkage group to bovine chromosome 1. This confirms the existence of the postulated polled locus and the hypothesized inheritance pattern. It will allow marker assisted selection for the polledness trait in breeding programs and is a first step towards positional cloning and molecular study of a gene that has been subjected to both natural and artificial selection.

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