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J Neuropathol Exp Neurol. 1994 Jan;53(1):37-42.

Neurochemical and histopathologic alterations characteristic of Pick's disease in a non-demented individual.

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Sanders-Brown Center on Aging, University of Kentucky, Lexington.


In the course of investigating a large number of non-demented subjects, a 68 year old female dying of coronary artery disease was found to have Pick bodies in her grossly normal brain. Although only mild subcortical gliosis and no neuron loss were observed. Pick bodies were found throughout the brain and occasional balloon cells were noted. Pick bodies and numerous neurons were also ALZ-50 and Tau-1 immunoreactive. Retrospective studies indicated a lack of overt intellectual decline or depression in this individual. Frontal, temporal and occipital poles, amygdala, hypothalamus and nucleus basalis of Meynert (nbM) were analyzed for ChAT, AChE and MAO-A and -B enzymatic activities and for the binding of 5HT and imipramine. Cholinergic decreases were found only in subcortical structures. Serotonin binding decreases were widespread, excluding the nbM. Altered MAO-B activity was regionally variable, and no differences in MAO-A activity or imipramine binding were observed. Few differences in neurochemical alterations were observed in the current non-demented subject with abundant Pick bodies compared to previous studies of demented Pick's patients. This case strongly suggests that chemical dysfunction and neuropathological features of Pick's disease occur in advance of overt clinical manifestations of the disorder.

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