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Vaccine. 1993 Oct;11(13):1316-20.

Killed Campylobacter elicits immune response and protection when administered with an oral adjuvant.

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Enteric Diseases Program, Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethesda, MD 20889-5055.


The heat-labile toxin (HLT) of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli (ETEC) is a potent oral adjuvant. We determined whether the ETEC HLT could be mixed with killed campylobacter to induce an immune response protective upon subsequent challenge with live pathogens. Mice were immunized orally three times with 10(9) sonicated campylobacter with or without 25 micrograms of ETEC HLT, and humoral immune responses in intestinal lavage fluids measured by ELISA. Whereas 10(9) live bacteria induced strong intestinal IgA responses, killed bacteria did not unless ETEC HLT was also added. The magnitude of the antibody response was dependent on the amount of antigen given. The ETEC HLT given with bacteria also induced a potent cross-reaction with cholera toxin. The latter had an adjuvant effect in mice similar to that of ETEC HLT. Protection against colonization was studied in mice and rabbits. In contrast to non-immune animals, those given live organisms or sonicated cells mixed with ETEC HLT quickly cleared homologous, but not heterologous, Lior serotypes of Campylobacter upon challenge. These data show for the first time that ETEC HLT can potentiate an immune response to killed campylobacter that promotes a rapid clearance of live pathogens from the intestine.

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