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Res Vet Sci. 1993 Nov;55(3):371-6.

Serum and mucosal antibody responses against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae following intraperitoneal vaccination and challenge of pigs with M hyopneumoniae.

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Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, Camden, New South Wales, Australia.


Pigs were immunised intraperitoneally when six weeks old and again at about 10 weeks old with killed Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae antigen prepared in an oil adjuvant. The pigs were challenged with live M hyopneumoniae (Beaufort strain) at between 11 and 15 weeks old. Antigen specific antibody levels for both IgG and IgA classes in serum and respiratory tract secretion were monitored over time. In serum anti-M hyopneumoniae antibody was detected shortly after the second intraperitoneal vaccination and was largely IgG. In respiratory tract secretion the response was observed after challenge, and was primarily IgA. Anti-M hyopneumoniae antibody-containing cells and their immunoglobulin class specificity were monitored in lung and tracheal lamina propria. In lung the majority of anti-M hyopneumoniae-containing cells were IgG, whereas in the tracheal lamina propria the majority were IgA. These results are discussed in terms of the use of intraperitoneal vaccination for the control of M hyopneumoniae infection.

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