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Biotechniques. 1993 Nov;15(5):852-5.

A simple method for genetic typing of transferrins in nonhuman primates.

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Department of Biology, Trinity University, San Antonio, TX 78212-7200.


The serum protein transferrin (Tf) is a valuable marker for genetic studies of primates, because it is usually polymorphic, exhibiting as many as 13 allelic forms with high heterozygosity. The standard procedure to detect the different phenotypes requires vertical electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gels for 18 h at 4 degrees C. We have simplified the procedure by using the automated programmable PhastSystem for electrophoresis, which uses precast miniature gels and takes less than 2 h. Also, we have developed a pool of sera that displays the 6 most common alleles in rhesus monkeys. This pool allows for a more accurate assignment of phenotypes. Using this simplified procedure, we have typed over 3000 monkeys of various species and have confirmed the reliability of this technique for parentage determination.

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