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Mol Gen Genet. 1993 Dec;241(5-6):497-503.

Cloning, sequencing and enhanced expression of the Trichoderma reesei endoxylanase II (pI 9) gene xln2.

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Research Laboratories, Alko Ltd., Helsinki, Finland.


The Trichoderma reesei xln2 gene coding for the pI9.0 endoxylanase was isolated from the wild-type strain QM6a. The gene contains one intron of 108 nucleotides and codes for a protein of 223 amino acids in which two putative N-glycosylation target sites were found. Three different T. reesei strains were transformed by targeting a construct composed of the xln2 gene, including its promoter, to the endogenous cbh1 locus. Highest overall production levels of xylanase were obtained using T. reesei ALKO2721, a genetically engineered strain, as a host. Integration into the cbh1 locus was not required for enhanced expression under control of the xln2 promoter.

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