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Magn Reson Med. 1993 Nov;30(5):552-8.

Comparison of methods for the determination of absolute metabolite concentrations in human muscles by 31P MRS.

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Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Medical Informatics, University, Zurich, Switzerland.


In order to determine metabolite concentrations in human skeletal muscles by in vivo 31P MRS, different quantification methods were analyzed with regard to the accuracy and reproducibility of results and the simplicity of handling. Each quantification method comprised a calibration strategy and a localization technique. Extensive in vivo and in vitro tests showed that homonuclear phantom-based calibration strategies yielded significantly more accurate (lower systematic errors) and more reproducible (lower statistical errors) concentration estimates than heteronuclear strategies using internal water as a concentration standard. Additionally, the former strategies are easier to handle than the latter. Localization with the volume-selective sequence ISIS yielded slightly more reproducible results than localization by surface coil. We conclude that phosphorus metabolite concentrations are determined most accurately with phantom-based calibration strategies in combination with ISIS localization (measurement errors approximately 5-7%).

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