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FEBS Lett. 1993 Nov 22;334(3):313-6.

Transfection-mediated expression of human Hsp70i protects rat dorsal root ganglian neurones and glia from severe heat stress.

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Department of Anatomy, University of Cambridge, UK.


Considerable evidence suggests that the expression of heat shock proteins prior to a toxic insult (e.g. ischaemia, excitoxins, heat) can confer protection to neurones and glia. It is not certain which hsp(s) are involved in conveying these neuroprotective effects. Here we show that calcium phosphate-mediated transfection of dorsal root ganglia with an EF-1 alpha promoter-hsp70i expression vector significantly increased the survival of neurones and glia exposed to a severe heat stress. These data suggest that overexpression of hsp70i plays an important role in protecting neurones and glia from the denaturing effects of severe thermal stress. Inducing the expression of specific hsps may lead to the development of novel treatment strategies for CNS diseases.

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