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Trends Biochem Sci. 1993 Sep;18(9):343-8.

The PH domain: a common piece in the structural patchwork of signalling proteins.

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European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Heidelberg, Germany.


The 'pleckstrin homology' domain is an approximately 100-residue protein module that has recently been added to the domain catalogue of signalling proteins. For this review we have made an extensive database search using a profile search method, and found a number of additional proteins that may contain PH domains. The PH domain is present in many kinases, isoforms of phospholipase C, GTPases, GTPase-activating proteins and nucleotide-exchange factors, including such proteins as Vav, Dbl and Bcr, and there are two PH domains in a guanine-nucleotide releasing factor of Ras. Many PH-domain-containing proteins interact with GTP-binding proteins. We have also identified a PH domain in beta-adrenergic receptor kinase exactly in the region that has already been shown to be involved in binding to the beta and gamma subunits of a heterotrimeric G protein. This suggests that PH domains may be involved in interactions with GTP-binding proteins.

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