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Poult Sci. 1993 Sep;72(9):1772-8.

Fate of Listeria monocytogenes and pediococcal starter cultures during the manufacture of chicken summer sausage.

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Department of Food Science, University of Wisconsin, Madison 53706.


Two formulations of chicken summer sausages [100% hand deboned chicken meat (HDCM) and 85% HDCM and 15% chicken hearts (HDCM-CH)] were prepared with a nonpediocin-producing (PED-) Pediococcus acidilactici starter culture and inoculated with 10(4) or 10(7) cfu of a five-strain mixture of Listeria monocytogenes/g of batter. Sausages were fermented to pH 5.0 (11 h), cooked to an internal temperature of 66.5 C, cold-showered, and stored at 4 C (60 days) and 30 C (7 days). For both formulations and inoculation levels, L. monocytogenes populations decreased 1.3 to 1.8 log10 cfu/g by the end of fermentation. No L. monocytogenes organisms were recovered from sausages (by enrichment) following the cook and shower or storage at 4 or 30 C. In contrast, P. acidilactici increased .7 to 1.2 log10 cfu/g during fermentation, and < 10(2) cfu/g remained after the cook and shower and storage at 4 and 30 C. In a second set of experiments, sausages (HDCM) were prepared with a PED- or a pediocin-producing (PED+) P. acidilactici starter culture and challenged with the L. monocytogenes mixture (10(7) cfu/g). The PED- culture reduced numbers of L. monocytogenes 1.2 log10 cfu/g during fermentation, whereas L. monocytogenes numbers declined 2.6 log10 cfu/g in the presence of the PED+ culture. Although acid production by both starter cultures was equivalent, greater inhibition of L. monocytogenes by the PED+ compared with the PED- starter culture was attributed to in situ production of pediocin. Pediococcal starter cultures and proper cooking eliminated L. monocytogenes from sausages and established that PED+ cultures provide an additional hurdle against poultry-related listeriosis.

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