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Genetics. 1993 Sep;135(1):117-25.

Mutations in the protein phosphatase 1 gene at 87B can differentially affect suppression of position-effect variegation and mitosis in Drosophila melanogaster.

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Institute of Biochemistry, Biological Research Centre, Szeged, Hungary.


The suppressor of position effect variegation (PEV) locus Su-var(3)6 maps to 87B5-10. The breakpoints of deficiencies that define this interval have been placed on a 250-kb molecular map of the region. The locus is allelic to the ck19 complementation group previously shown to encode a type 1 serine-threonine protein phosphatase (PP1) catalytic subunit. When introduced into flies by P element-mediated transformation, a 5.8-kb genomic fragment carrying this gene overcomes the suppressor phenotype of Su-var(3)6(01) and recessive lethality of all mutations of the locus. Four of the mutant alleles at the locus show a broad correlation between high levels of suppression of PEV, a high frequency of aberrant mitosis and low PP1 activity in larval extracts. However, some alleles with low PP1 activity show weak suppression of PEV with a high frequency of abnormal mitosis, whereas others show strong suppression of PEV with normal mitosis. The basis for these discussed.

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