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Total parenteral nutrition in acute renal failure.


Forty patients with a mean age of 56 yrs, all of whom required hemodialysis therapy, for mean of 32 days, were treated with a minimum of 2000 kilocalories of I.V. glucose, potassium orthophosphate with mulit-vitamins and 25 Gm of I.V. albumin. Patients were initially dialyzed daily and then every other day or 3 times/wk. Complications including pneumonia, GI bleeding, gram negative septicemia, shock, the need for tracheostomy and ventialtory assist were high. Overall survival rate was 33%. This survival rate we beleive to be high considering the complicated type of illness these patients had as well as our clinical experience prior to the use of total parenteral nutrition in the manner described in this report. Essential L-amino acids were not used based on our experience in 3 patients with hepatic and renal failure who developed worsening neurological findings with the use of this substance. We believe further that I.V. glucose and albumin may be preferred mode of hyperalimentation.

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