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Cell. 1976 Jul;8(3):365-71.

Membrane receptors for murine leukemia viruses: characterization using the purified viral envelope glycoprotein, gp71.


The 71,000 dalton glycoprotein (gp71) purified from Rauscher murine leukemia virus (R-MuLV) by affinity chromatography specifically binds to murine but not other mammalian cells in culture. Binding is prevented by specific antiserum raides to gp71 (anti-gp71). The binding assay as described in this report can detect receptors on as few as 300 murine cells, and with 1 X 10(5) cells gives significant binding with 30 sec. The results show that the purified glycoprotein retians biologic activity and can form a stable complex with specific receptors on mouse cell membranes. The assay can therefore be used to characterize the nature of the cellular receptors that are essential for leukemia virus infection. Purified gp71 binding to mouse cells is prevented if the cells are actively producing related ecotropic type C viruses, presumably because the receptors are occupied and are not available to bind exogenously applied gp71. The binding of gp71 to murine cells is enhanced by the presence of calcium ions and low pH. Binding studies performed using an excess of 125I-gp71 indicate the NIH/3T3 cells bind approximately 5.3 X 10(5) molecules of 125I-gp71 per cell.

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