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Acta Physiol Scand. 1993 Jul;148(3):335-40.

Resting oxygen consumption in rats during food restriction, starvation and refeeding.

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Division of General Physiology, University of Oslo, Norway.


Oxygen consumption was measured in male rats during starvation and during different regimens of restricted feeding and refeeding after starvation. Changes in oxygen consumption and body mass were mostly parallel, but rats with a very reduced food intake displayed the same reduction in oxygen consumption as starved rats, despite the smaller reduction in body mass. Also, rats fed different amounts of food after starvation had different oxygen consumptions, but displayed the same changes in body mass. Two different refeeding regimens with restricted food amounts either induced a further depression of oxygen consumption (i.e. below starvation oxygen consumption), or a stabilizing of oxygen consumption on the level of starvation. The changes in oxygen consumption during restriction and feeding after starvation indicate that reductions in resting metabolic rate may not always be predicted from either body mass change or food intake.

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