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Dev Genet. 1994;15(2):148-54.

Developmentally regulated expression of fibroblast growth factor receptor genes and splice variants by murine embryonic stem and embryonal carcinoma cells.

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Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, England.


The expression of the four fibroblast growth factor receptor (FGF-R) genes was examined in murine embryonic stem (ES) cells, embryonal carcinoma (EC) cells, and their differentiated derivatives. FGF-R1 and FGF-R4 were found to be expressed constitutively in all samples examined. The expression of FGF-R2 and FGF-R3 was, however found to increase significantly upon differentiation of both ES and EC cells. Examination of splice variants of the third immunoglobulin domain (IgIII) of the extracellular region of the FGF-R2 revealed that whilst IgIIIc transcripts were expressed upon ES cell differentiation, IgIIIb transcripts (which confer specificity for the ligand FGF-7) were expressed in both ES cells and their differentiated progeny. FGF-R3 transcripts were also expressed in ES cells, but variant FGF-R3 transcripts containing the IgIIIb region were expressed upon differentiation. The findings suggest that the repertoire of FGF-R expression in embryonic cell types is developmentally regulated at the level of both gene expression, and alternative splicing and different members of the FGF-R family can exhibit distinct patterns of both gene and splice variant expression.

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