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Trends Biochem Sci. 1994 Mar;19(3):108-14.

DRTF1/E2F: an expanding family of heterodimeric transcription factors implicated in cell-cycle control.

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Laboratory of Eukaryotic Molecular Genetics, MRC National Institute for Medical Research, London, UK.


During the cell cycle, the transcription of certain genes is integrated with cell-cycle progression, thus providing an important level of control. In mammalian cells, DRTF1/E2F is a transcription activity comprising a group of related heterodimeric transcription factors that function in this integration process. The primary molecules involved in generating the afferent signals that converge on DRTF1/E2F belong to a class of proteins, exemplified by the retinoblastoma tumour suppressor gene product, whose activities are, in turn, regulated by cyclin-dependent kinases. The transcriptional activity of DRTF1/E2F is therefore regulated through a pathway that links the machinery of the cell cycle to the transcription apparatus. As such, it is likely to play a pivotal role in regulating cell-cycle progression.

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