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Chem Phys Lipids. 1994 Jan;69(1):1-34.

Phases and phase transitions of the hydrated phosphatidylethanolamines.

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Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University, Columbus 43210-1173.


LIPIDAT is a computerized database providing access to the wealth of information scattered throughout the literature concerning synthetic and biologically derived polar lipid polymorphic and mesomorphic phase behavior. Here, a review of the LIPIDAT data subset referring to hydrated phosphatidylethanolamines (PE) is presented together with an analysis of these data. The PE subset represents 14% of all LIPIDAT records. It includes data collected over a 38-year period and consists of 1511 records obtained from 203 articles in 35 different journals. An analysis of the data in the subset has allowed us to identify trends in synthetic PE phase behavior reflecting changes in lipid chain length, chain unsaturation (number, isomeric type and position of double bonds), chain asymmetry and branching, type of chain-glycerol linkage (ether vs. ester) and headgroup modification. Also included is a summary of the data concerning the effect of pH, stereochemical purity, and different additives such as salts, saccharides, alcohols, amino adds and alkanes on PE phase behavior. Information on the phase behavior of biologically derived PE is also presented. This review includes 236 references.

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