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Int J Syst Bacteriol. 1994 Apr;44(2):270-3.

Turicella otitidis gen. nov., sp. nov., a coryneform bacterium isolated from patients with otitis media.

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Institute of Medical Microbiology, University of Z├╝rich, Switzerland.


The partial 16S rRNA gene sequences of some coryneform bacteria isolated from middle-ear fluids from patients with otitis media were determined. A comparative analysis performed with rRNA sequences of other high-G + C-content gram-positive bacteria showed that the coryneform bacteria isolated from otitis media patients were only remotely related to members of previously described genera. On the basis of the results of the phylogenetic analysis and previously published biochemical and chemotaxonomic data, we propose that the strains isolated from middle-ear infections should be classified in a new genus, Turicella, as Turicella otitidis gen. nov., sp. nov. The type strain of T. otitidis is strain DSM 8821.

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