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Vaccine. 1994 Mar;12(4):359-64.

Recombinant derivative of a naturally occurring non-toxinogenic Vibrio cholerae 01 expressing the B subunit of cholera toxin: a potential oral vaccine strain.

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Biophysics Division, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Calcutta.


A clinical isolate of Vibrio cholerae 01 was identified which did not possess the heat-labile (CT), the heat-stable (ST) or the zonula occludens (Zot) toxin genes. Rabbit ileal loop assays showed that no other CT-like toxin was produced by this strain. The partly deleted cholera toxin gene which carries the intact gene for the B subunit was cloned and the recombinant plasmid, pURD110, was introduced into this non-toxinogenic natural human isolate. The transformed cells (strain URD2) secreted the B subunit gene product which competed with the holotoxin secreted by the hypertoxinogenic strain 569B of V. cholerae for the GM1 ganglioside binding sites in vivo. This strain can colonize the rabbit intestine as detected by the removable intestinal tie adult rabbit diarrhoea (RITARD) model. This construct has an advantage over other live oral attenuated V. cholerae strains used as vaccines in that the latter strains were made non-toxinogenic by only deleting part of the gene coding for the A subunit of cholera toxin while the strain described here is naturally non-toxinogenic.

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