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Biochim Biophys Acta. 1976 Mar 18;427(1):285-94.

Chemical and physical properties of peptidoglutaminase I and II from Bacillus circulans.


Some chemical and physical properties of Peptidoglutaminase I and II have been determined. For example, molecular weight, isoelectric point, intrinsic viscosity, partial specific volume, sedimentation and diffusion coefficient were 89 000 and 105 000, pH = 4.1 and 4.0, 0.042 and 0.065 dl/g, 0.733 and 0.728 ml/g, 5.85 and 5.3 S, 5.32 and 4.57-10(-7) cm2-s-1, respectively. Their amino acid compositions were also determined. Between them, peptidoglutaminanse II was a glycoprotein containing 2 mol of galactose and 11 mol of glucosamine per mol of enzyme. Both enzyme molecules were composed of two subunits with an equal molecular weight. N-terminal amino acids for peptidoglutaminase I were phenylalanine and valine, and leucine for peptidoglutaminase II. Both proteins were immunologically different from each other.

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