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Vet Microbiol. 1994 Feb;38(4):351-7.

Phenotypic characterization of Zimbabwean isolates of Pasteurella multocida.

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Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Zimbabwe, Harare.


The phenotypic characteristics of 60 Zimbabwean isolates of Pasteurella multocida sensu stricto, from disease syndromes in different host species were studied. A number of representative strains were also serotyped. Consistent results were obtained in the tests for; catalase, oxidase, urease, indole, acid in glucose, inositol, salicin and sucrose. There was no obvious relationship between serotype, host or disease and the pattern of utilization of certain substrates by an isolate. This has been discussed in the context of recent proposals to reclassify Pasteurella and P. multocida on genotypic and phenotypic studies. It is suggested that notwithstanding the relevance of genetic studies in circumscribing P. multocida, the phenotype and disease significance of the taxon should not be ignored. A case of bronchitis in a dog which was simultaneously colonized by three different strains of Pasteurella is described. Also septicaemic pasteurellosis in a Nile crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus) is reported and for the first time prevalence of various serotypes in pasteurellosis of animals in Zimbabwe.

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