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Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1994 Mar 29;91(7):2728-32.

Protein S binds to and inhibits factor Xa.

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Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, CA 92037.


Although human protein S binds to human factor Va and inhibits prothrombinase activity, this inhibition is not totally dependent on factor Va. Hence, we investigated possible interaction of protein S with human factor Xa. Factor Xa, diisopropylphospho-factor Xa and their biotin derivatives ligand blotted specifically to protein S and protein S ligand blotted specifically to factor X and factor Xa. Biotinylated factors X and Xa bound to immobilized protein S and, reciprocally, protein S bound to immobilized factor Xa with a Kd of approximately 19 nM. In fluid phase, protein S bound to factor Xa with a Kd of approximately 18 nM. Protein S at 33 nM reversibly inhibited 50% of factor Xa amidolytic activity. Protein S inhibition of prothrombin conversion to thrombin by factor Xa was phospholipid-independent and was 1.6 times stimulated by Ca2+ ions. Inhibition of prothrombinase activity by protein S was 2.3-fold more potent in the presence of factor Va, with 50% inhibition at approximately 8 nM protein S. Protein S prolonged the factor Xa one-stage clotting time of protein S-depleted plasma in a dose-dependent manner. These data demonstrate mechanisms of anticoagulant action for protein S that are independent of activated protein C and that involve direct binding to factors Xa and Va and direct inhibition of factor Xa.

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