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Med J Aust. 1994 Mar 21;160(6):335-8.

Stroller safety.

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University of Adelaide, Department of Paediatrics, Adelaide Children's Hospital, SA.



To assess the incidence and type of stroller injuries in South Australia and factors contributing to their occurrence.


Retrospective review of South Australian Health Commission Injury Surveillance data for Adelaide Children's Hospital, Modbury Hospital and Queen Elizabeth Hospital (1986-1992); a prospective survey of 150 stroller users in three metropolitan shopping malls; and testing of backward tipping using loads determined by the AS/NZS 2088 standard.


One hundred and forty-nine attendances for unintentional injury resulted from infants either falling out of strollers and prams, or from entrapment of digits in strollers. Eleven infants (7.4%) required admission. One hundred and five injuries (70%) occurred between nine and 15 months of age. Eighty-nine (60%) involved either head/facial/dental injuries or concussion. The survey showed that only 14 strollers (9%) were used correctly (children appropriately harnessed and no shopping on the handles). Five strollers tipped over while carrying an 8 kg load when a 5 kg weighted shopping bag was placed on their handles. One stroller tipped over when a weight of 2 kg was applied at the handle on a 12 degree ramp with an 8 kg load. Only 11 of the 23 strollers commercially available in Adelaide in October 1992 carried the non-mandatory stroller standard.


Stroller accidents are a common source of injury and usually result from incorrect use. The stroller standard should be made mandatory and revised to include a shoulder harness, lower the centre of gravity and provide shopping storage.

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