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Virology. 1994 Mar;199(2):469-73.

Characterization of filoviruses based on differences in structure and antigenicity of the virion glycoprotein.

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Special Pathogens Branch, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia 30333.


Eight different filovirus isolates, representing major episodes of filovirus hemorrhagic disease, were propagated for structural and antigenetic analyses of their glycoprotein (GP). Carbohydrate analysis revealed that N- and O-glycosylation are features of filovirus GPs. Oligosaccharide side chains differed in their sialylation pattern and seemed to be cell line-dependent. Marburg virus (MBG) isolates are clearly distinguished from Ebola (EBO) and Reston viruses by a lack of terminal sialic acids when propagated in E6 and MA-104 cells. It was also determined that GP-specific antisera failed to show any cross-reactivity between MBG isolates and other filoviruses. These data, together with prior findings, indicate that the genus Filovirus can be divided into a MBG group and EBO group.

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