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Genet Anal Tech Appl. 1993 Jun-Aug;10(3-4):69-76.

Construction and characterization of partial digest DNA libraries made from flow-sorted human chromosome 16.

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Life Sciences Division and Center for Human Genome Studies, Los Alamos National Laboratory, NM 87545.


In this report, we present the techniques used for the construction of chromosome-specific partial digest libraries from flow-sorted chromosomes and the characterization of two such libraries from human chromosome 16. These libraries were constructed to provide materials for use in the development of a high-resolution physical map of human chromosome 16, and as part of a distributive effort on the National Laboratory Gene Library Project. Libraries with 20-fold coverage were made in Charon-40 (LA16NL03) and in sCos-1 (LA16NC02) after chromosome 16 was sorted from a mouse-human monochromosomal hybrid cell line containing a single homologue of human chromosome 16. Both libraries are approximately 90% enriched for human chromosome 16, have low nonrecombinant backgrounds, and are highly representative for human chromosome-16 sequences. The cosmid library in particular has provided a valuable resource for the isolation of coding sequences, and in the ongoing development of a physical map of human chromosome 16.

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