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Neuropharmacology. 1993 Nov;32(11):1213-20.

Characteristics of voltage sensitive calcium channels in dendrites of cultured rat cerebellar neurons.

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Department of Pharmacological and Physiological Sciences, University of Chicago, IL 60637.


We examined the effects of various pharmacological agents on the Ca2+ channels existing in the dendrites of cultured rat cerebellar neurons. The cultures consisted of Purkinje cells and non-Purkinje cells (deep cerebellar nuclear neurons and other non-granule neurons). Changes in intracellular free calcium concentration, [Ca2+]i, were monitored by digital imaging microfluorimetry using fura-2 as the indicator dye. In the Purkinje cell population increases in dendritic [Ca2+]i evoked by brief pulses of high K+ were very effectively blocked by (> 80%) by omega-Aga-IVA at low concentrations. Nimodipine and omega-conotoxins GVIA and MVIIC only blocked small components of the [Ca2+]i rise. In the non-Purkinje cells, omega-Aga-IVA was much less effective. omega-Conotoxin-GVIA blocked somewhat more and nimodipine blocked a similar percentage of the [Ca2+]i rise. omega-Conotoxin-MVIIC was quite ineffective in these cells. The results are discussed in terms of the types of voltage sensitive Ca2+ channels existing in the dendrites of these cells.

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