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Biol Psychiatry. 1993 Jan 15;33(2):108-14.

Association between severity of alcoholism and the A1 allele of the dopamine D2 receptor gene TaqI A RFLP in Japanese.

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Department of Medical Genetics, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.


The allelic association of TaqI A restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) of the dopamine D2 receptor gene with alcoholism was examined in 78 Japanese alcoholics and compared with Japanese controls. A significantly higher frequency of the A1 allele (0.42) was found in 100 Japanese unscreened controls compared with those reported in white populations. Among 70 alcoholics whose severities were determined, the A1 allele was present in 77% of 43 more severe alcoholics and in 59% of 27 less severe alcoholics. The A1 allele was present significantly less frequently in the alcoholics at the age of 60 or older (42%), compared with those under the age of 60 (74%). In the subjects under the age of 60, the A1 allele was present in 83% of the 35 more severe alcoholics, being significantly more frequent than in 60% of the 35 nonalcoholic controls. All of the 7 alcoholics homozygous for the A1 allele were classified as severe. The average severity of alcoholism increased in the order A2/A2, A1/A2, and A1/A1 genotypes. These data suggest that the A1 allele is associated with severe alcoholism in the Japanese population and that the effect is related to or has a linkage disequilibrium with a genetic factor that has a small but not negligible additive effect on alcoholism.

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