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J Bacteriol. 1975 Oct;124(1):373-9.

Effects of temperature and nutritional changes on the fatty acids of agmenellum quadruplicatum.


The fatty acid composition of the blue-green bacterium Agmenellum quadruplicatum was examined under a wide variety of growth conditions. The fatty acid composition was found to undergo significant changes with variations in temperature, media composition, and growth phase (log versus stationary). With increasing growth temperature (20 to 43 C) log-phase cells exhibited an increase in saturated fatty acids (38.4% at 20 C to 63.6% at 43 C). Striking changes were seen with some of the individual fatty acids such as 18.3, which made up 16.0% of the total fatty acid at 20 C but was not neasurable at 43 C. Fatty acid 12:0 was not measurable at 20 C but made up 16.3% of the total fatty acids at 43 C. Cell lipids were separated into neutral lipid, glycolipid, and very polar liquid fractions. The neutral lipid fraction was composed almost entirely of 12 carbon fatty acids (12:0, 12:1). Glycolipid and very polar lipids were more similar in their fatty acid composition when compared to the total cellular fatty acids, although they did lack 12 carbon fatty acids. The total of 12 carbon fatty acids in the cell can be used as an indicator of the amount of neutral lipid present.

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