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Yeast. 1994 Apr;10 Suppl A:S75-80.

The complete sequence of a 33 kb fragment on the right arm of chromosome II from Saccharomyces cerevisiae reveals 16 open reading frames, including ten new open reading frames, five previously identified genes and a homologue of the SCO1 gene.

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Department of Molecular Cell Biology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


We report here the sequence of a 33,117 bp DNA fragment located approximately 30 kb from the centromere on the right arm of Saccharomyces cerevisiae chromosome II. We have detected 16 open reading frames (ORFs) longer than 450 bp, provisionally called YBR0301 to YBR0322, covering 70.4% of the entire sequence. The ORFs YBR0301, YBR0302, YBR0303, YBR0305 and YBR0315 correspond to previously sequenced S. cerevisiae genes GAL10, GAL1, FUR4, CAL1 and L2B, respectively. Translation products of two other ORFs, YBR0308 and YBR0312 exhibit similarity to previously known S. cerevisiae proteins: the mitochondrially associated protein SCO1 and the protein kinase YKR2. The predicted protein product of the ORF YBR0321 shows a 41.6% identity score with the Escherichia coli pyroxamine 5'-phosphate oxidase. The nine other ORFs show no significant homology to known proteins.

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